Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Queen Mary 2 - Transatlantic voyage. Absolutely unofficial guide HD. July 2012.

Music: JCRZ - Runaway, Creative Commons
Sounder - Endless Space, Beyond Reach or Not, Creative Commons

 In July 2012, we embarked on the Queen Mary 2 for a 7-day voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City. I am not a cruise-ship kind of guy, and get restless very quickly. However, the Queen Mary 2 is a marvel of human engineering and design, and it was a fascinating trip.

 In this short film I tried to show most of the places on the ship where passengers can spend their time. When you see places without people, it's because I shot them very early or late, when most of my fellow passengers were sleeping or busy doing something else.

 I don't have any affiliations with the Cunard company, and didn't have any special access (I would love to visit the engine room!) This was a personal project, done to entertain myself during the crossing.

 P.S. Sorry for the late upload. I moved to Tanzania. It took time to have my equipment up and running. Subscribe! Don't miss new videos about Africa!

 Video was shot with Canon t3i/600D with Tokina 11-16/2.8. Majority was done handheld with Flycam nano camera stabilizer, Gorillapod and tripod. Manual exposure with 100ASA and 1600ASA settings.


  1. Enjoyed the video. In 2010 my wife and I sailed on the Costa Luminosa. I love the opulence of these cruise liners. The video is so smooth.

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