Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Graffiti artist Toxicomano. Street Art Bogotá, Colombia. Urban art.

The first thing I noticed in Bogota, Colombia, while still in my taxi from the airport, were the incredible murals and graffiti all over the city. I looked around some more the next day and discovered a new world of street art. Next to the kind of ordinary graffiti tags we see everywhere, I saw city walls dense with striking and artistic graffiti work. I asked around and was introduced to the graffiti artist Toxicomano. We talked and agreed that I would do a short film about his work. One night we went around Bogota and I filmed his graffiti work all over the city.  It was freezing; a bottle of whisky helped a little. It was really cool to see street art at night, very different from during the day. I spoke with Toxicomano about his life, his work, the philosophy of what he does. I am really grateful for the opportunity to produce this film. A big thank you to my friend Alejandro Cuellar for driving me around the city at night for a few scenes in the film. And my deepest gratitude to Lina Maria Valencia for her help with translation for the subtitles.
Music: Triple X (with permission).

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